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With liberty and justice for all: Educational and fun day trip

We woke up to hurried excitement and I got no objections when I requested the children brush their teeth to get ready.  They were dressed and down the stairs in a flash. By the time I made my way to the kitchen for breakfast they had already decided what they were going to eat.  On …

Do you Mind? -HwanDo

“Mind is what I want when I want my mind to be in peace, so does your mind.”  –  pg. 23 HwanDo: The Harmony Story So… Where do you go to find it? How do you get there? When will you go? and  What will you do with it?

Long Live the You: HwanDo

“Why do we want to live longer somehow, whether we can or not?  Why is it so important for us to live a little longer than the usual given length of time?” - HwanDo: The Harmony Story What does it mean to have more time to live?

Busy Bee bring peace to me and you

Listen to the ticking of the clock.  The time is ticking.  There’s much to be done: some things here, some things there, and some things around and about.  Busy hands, busy body, and busy clock… Mind goes hum and soothing hum hums my mind.  Hummmmmm… Hum sweet melody and keep this peace for me.  I …