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Harmony Meditation Assignment

For Transformation Tuesday here is my take home test: 1. Look at the pictures to the left labeled ‘Before’ and ‘After.’ What happened? How did it happen? 2. Is there NO turning back? 3… Hint: There’s a gentle loving virtue in the world felt and delivered through me. It’s called HwanDo. It’s found at Harmony Meditation. It’s for BrainHaveFun.

Busy Bee bring peace to me and you

Listen to the ticking of the clock.  The time is ticking.  There’s much to be done: some things here, some things there, and some things around and about.  Busy hands, busy body, and busy clock… Mind goes hum and soothing hum hums my mind.  Hummmmmm… Hum sweet melody and keep this peace for me.  I …