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Hundred shades of ego – brighter anyway

“How do you know that your ego is not getting ahead of you?” – my friend asked me recently. Good question. I thought about it and realized that I examine my ego quite frequently, on everyday basis. I am just not calling it ego anymore, and it does not necessarily have a shameful and regretful …

Harmony Meditation Assignment

For Transformation Tuesday here is my take home test: 1. Look at the pictures to the left labeled ‘Before’ and ‘After.’ What happened? How did it happen? 2. Is there NO turning back? 3… Hint: There’s a gentle loving virtue in the world felt and delivered through me. It’s called HwanDo. It’s found at Harmony Meditation. It’s for BrainHaveFun.

Cherchez la femme, and a man

A battle of the sexes goes on not only in the outside world, but is an intrinsic part of our everyday living and being. Unless you, the reader, came from planets other than Earth, Mars, or Venus. Science is finding hard evidence of the differences between male and female brains, as described in this article …