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Do you Mind? -HwanDo

“Mind is what I want when I want my mind to be in peace, so does your mind.”  –  pg. 23 HwanDo: The Harmony Story So… Where do you go to find it? How do you get there? When will you go? and  What will you do with it?

Busy Bee bring peace to me and you

Listen to the ticking of the clock.  The time is ticking.  There’s much to be done: some things here, some things there, and some things around and about.  Busy hands, busy body, and busy clock… Mind goes hum and soothing hum hums my mind.  Hummmmmm… Hum sweet melody and keep this peace for me.  I …

Love is Growing Here

Picture: www.mindful.org   Feel your heart beat, notice your breathe, see with your eyes wide open. Love is Growing Here Hear the children’s frustrated cries, let go of the notion that you know everything. Feel the Love Growing There Sense the pressure of strained responsibilities, hopeful dreams of cleansed impurities, bring yourself to yourself and …