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Just do it: Put in the Ingredients and get what’s Being Made

When I practice Harmony Meditation, there is often a moment of transition that I can recognize very precisely, after the fact, as THE pivotal moment of transition to something better. I can remember how it felt and how a shift occurred because of all that accumulated before-hand. It’s a peak of concentration, letting go, and …

Do you Mind? -HwanDo

“Mind is what I want when I want my mind to be in peace, so does your mind.”  –  pg. 23 HwanDo: The Harmony Story So… Where do you go to find it? How do you get there? When will you go? and  What will you do with it?

Long Live the You: HwanDo

“Why do we want to live longer somehow, whether we can or not?  Why is it so important for us to live a little longer than the usual given length of time?” - HwanDo: The Harmony Story What does it mean to have more time to live?