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Socks are warming my heart in time for Thanksgiving

I’ve begun to help support a wonderful idea for the homeless youth in the city where I work.  I’ve fallen in love with how giving and thoughtful those around me are in this common endeavor.  It started out as just a simple picture that caught my attention in my social media newsfeed.  Then I saw …

Do you Mind? -HwanDo

“Mind is what I want when I want my mind to be in peace, so does your mind.”  –  pg. 23 HwanDo: The Harmony Story So… Where do you go to find it? How do you get there? When will you go? and  What will you do with it?

What Your Hands Deserve

http://www.freegreatpicture.com/cat/photo-30752 Take a good look at your hands.  After all, where would you be without them?  What would you wish for in place of them?  They are there and yours to do with what you wish.  Could you imagine a better tool at your disposal? Now that you remember how precious they are, let us …