Just do it: Put in the Ingredients and get what’s Being Made

When I practice Harmony Meditation, there is often a moment of transition that I can recognize very precisely, after the fact, as THE pivotal moment of transition to something better. I can remember how it felt and how a shift occurred because of all that accumulated before-hand. It’s a peak of concentration, letting go, and energy. A break through point, if you will. It can be wondrous and fulfilling. It can also be settling and soothing, all at the same time.

I know this sounds vague and very imprecise.  That’s because I can’t exactly explain the actual process. It’s not physically seen through anyone’s eyes. It is very possible to practice it, however. The results are undeniable, too, by anyone who comes into contact with me. I’ve made something very valuable through practicing: an improved condition, and so to me, it’s time well allocated.

Meditation has been scientifically verified time and again, as well as, highly recommended by the medical field as a whole, to improve a person’s condition… It’s not magic. It’s not exactly a secret, either. It works well because of the internal and external systems we all share. It’s very logical to me that there should exist a method to maximize results within myself for my own condition so that I can maximize my results anywhere else outside. What’s more is that because of the practice, I can get more efficient at improving my condition over time. And as far as I can tell the improvements can compound from what’s already been improved upon before. That’s pretty powerful!

What else can I say? … It works. So, I do it. 

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  1. ” It works. So, I do it. ”

    If It works for you to you, whatever it is, you are sharing some characteristics in common with it.

    It applies to human’s levels of various intelligence as well.

    I can tell that meditation, if practiced genuinely, is one of the highest values that human being can do.

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