Life Saving Priorities

Changing my life begins with changing my priorities. Changing my life begins with changing myself. Repeatedly. All over again.

Saving my Life begins with changing my life. Living Life is finding Life, finding my Self yet again.

Changing myself begins with getting my priorities straight.

Once again. All over. It’s time!

Excuses? Excuse me!


Once again. All over. It’s Time!

Will do. Breaking free from behind myself. Giving it up.  Finding you who is me, alltogether Life. You, holding the mirror.

Once again. All over again. Timing!

Living Love. Once again. All over again.

Savor “Who am I?” and its power’. 

Changing, Saving, Living.    Life, Definitely! Timing!

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  1. I was just thinking this morning that maybe the change I want isn’t happening because it’s not a high enough priority to me. Thank you.

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