One day while grocery shopping, I faced a lovely baby ahead of me and I naturally smiled at him. I was watching my smile and my mind. I suddenly felt glorious joy from deep inside myself like a subtle fragrance of a flower that would rise and directly after, the smile transferred from me to others around me.

On the other hand, one fine day that I could hardly acknowledge the blue sky directly through my own eyes and the flowers were blooming beautifully around me, seemingly unnoticed by me, my mind was so moody.

What caused the difference? Why did I feel that way?


I guess because of my mind’s direction or flow.

I wonder if the bright mind, which was naturally blooming from inside me was naturally flowing out on my shopping day, but on the other day that wasn’t the case. The brightness from the outside took time to reach me. So, it felt like more darkness and emotional dynamics existed.


Your point of view from where you start to see from, in or out, is important.

Usually in the morning, I suspect when people wake up, they first pick up their cell phone. We can easily access information from the internet. We are not really feeling much regret over a lost opportunity to attend the special speaker’s lecture in person versus via online access, because we believe that sooner or later, we optimize opportunities available that way. So, we mistakenly behave inattentively to the person who’s speaking directly next to us, or sometimes to ourselves. We give more attention to the cyber-world than the visible real world.

Creativity doesn’t come from text materials, it flows out from the actual reading, feeling and doing.

How about creating your mind?

Do you want to pick up a book from the dusty shelf now?

Oh, NO.

Stay and feel this moment.

Savor “Who am I?” and its power.

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  1. It’s so easy to get distracted from myself sometimes. When ever I’m focused better everything seems simpler, more enjoyable, and there is happiness with no need for a reason. It’s easy to lose yourself by getting lost in yourself. Need to always be Savoring.

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