Constructive Deconstruction

Sometimes it seems we have to be broken down in order to rebuild ourselves.  I feel this way often and I sometimes imagine a big wrecking ball swinging at me.  Usually at these times I am shown something about myself that is very difficult to accept.  Some times it is pointed out to me and sometimes it is revealed through meditation practice, but every time it is very difficult.

There is typically huge resistance and I can feel it through out my entire body.  Then after hammer-682767_1280trying to cope with it a huge fury builds up inside of me.  I don’t necessarily want to experience it because it’s so uncomfortable but it has it’s usefulness as well.

When the fires settle there is a new starting point to build upon again.  From the ashes of a volcano comes beautiful islands.  From celestial bodies colliding violently came our solar system and the earth, and perhaps from an unimaginable violent fury expanded the biggest bang into the universe itself.

People sometimes think of meditation as just sitting there peacefully.  Yes that may be true too, and it may be true that people avoid what they have inside while meditating and drift off into a fleeting sense of life, something I have seen very often.  But if you practice Harmony Meditation, buckle up!  You have never seen such active in-action before, such explosive passion within yourself, and even unknown fury put into constructive uses.  Nothing gets wasted in Harmony Meditation, just transformed.

It is true that life as cold water can look much more peaceful because then you are not experiencing all the agitation and fury of energy that can come from being lit up on fire. But it’s also the agitation and fury of energy that gives us the will to push beyond what we normally would do.

Choi, Johwa (2014-01-31). Harmony Meditation: A new way to completion

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