“Thanksgiving” equals “Thanksbeing”

Yes, it is this time of the year again; the temperatures and the leaves have started falling. Yes, and the holiday season is fast approaching with its feared celebratory indulgences beyond a level advised by health professionals. And yes, we are looking very much forward to arm ourselves against the company of people, we would rather avoid at family gatherings.

As we start prepaing for 2017 Thanksgiving Day, we have to remind ourselves of the actual “why?” for celebrating this annual holiday to avoid missteps and excessive indulgence in food, drinks and regrettable behavior. The way to do so is by being thankful commemorating what we have been given over the year and by seeing the glass as half-full instead of half-empty. Only children have the privilege to focus on the giving part of Thanksgiving, and being on the receiving end is their right on this day. To stay true to the annually-revived resolution of doing better this year and survive the holidays without regrets about unhealthy behaviors including the indulgence in arguing with uncle Ed about the election at a holiday gathering. Can we prove to ourselves that we are worth the company and express thankfulness to the people around us?

If you haven’t noticed it, the Thanksgiving spirit is actually all about “being” and not about alcoholic spirits first and foremost? I recommend focusing on being thankful to families, friends, and neighbors, who are being here with us that day, for being present and investing their time for being together. With a focus on “ThanksBeing” we can truly celebrate life, living and the time we share being ourselves together with others in the truest meaning of Thanksgiving. By indulging in the “togetherness” of Being, we can – this time around – fully enjoy the food, the presents, the communication and other givings of this special day, in the most healthy way. You won’t regret it.

Wishing you and your families the “Thanksbeing” spirit for a Happy, memorable and Healthy 2017 Thanksgiving season!

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