Wow, What a Ride This Has Been!


Photo by Duk Gwang

For the last 2 weeks I have been doing training along with studying the audio book “From “Well-Being to Well Dying: Harmony Meditation: A New Way to Completion”.  Aside from losing 8 pounds there has been a much deeper change within me.

I noticed that my ability to sit and meditate, which was practically non existent, has changed and is of a higher quality.  I also realized that my taste in food changed within 3 days of starting this training.  Some foods I used to love just a couple of weeks ago made me cringe the second I put it into my mouth to the point where I had to spit it out!

The book talks about a brightness within.  I have confirmed this for myself through this training and realized that it is actually getting brighter.  What is it? What’s the significance of it?  I have no idea!  I do know that it is there and the brighter it gets the more alive, joyful, and harmonious I become.  I also feel like I have become a little more patient and compassionate with others and myself.

These are things I have struggled with before, so why is it coming much easier in such a short time now?  I really believe the answer is because I began from a different place and from a different intention within myself.  This seems to make all the difference.  What is that starting place?  What is that intention?  I will share that soon. 😉

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