Why Having a Dream is Important

Harmony Meditation Audio Book

“Your energy unfulfilled can actively create emotions so you inherit many unnecessary problems.”
Johwa Choi – Harmony Meditation

Do we ever really consider that we are creating emotions in order to be fulfilled?  I think I normally view my emotions as something that is happening to me. I think most people feel this way or that their emotions are part of them. However I have definitely noticed that if my mind is not focused on something worthy that has benefit and purpose, it affects my energy and body.  I also see it in others all the time.  Maybe if we look we will see that when our energy is unfulfilled we may tend to be more emotional and bicker over trivial things more.

When you have a dream you are working for trivial things seem even more trivial.  Have you experienced that while focusing on something more important than yourself that every day gossip and the “he said, she said” conversations seem to be such a waste of time?

Have you noticed that people focusing on their dreams don’t tend to gossip  much?  I wonder if the lack of a dream makes us look for excitement and fulfillment through creating unnecessary emotions?  It seems that when the small things occupy our mind they make us small and our talk is local.  When we have a dream we are less focused on ourselves and tend to talk more globaly.

It reminds me of what Eleanor Roosevelt said, “Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people.”  I think that the bigger the dream the smaller those other things become.

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