What’s your style of learning? – Yang of knowledge and Eum of wisdom

Image from www.wisewomencanada.com

Image from wisewomencanada.com

Do you know your style of learning? Better yet, what style of learning do you apply for solving problems and meeting challenges, be it professional or personal?

Applying the principles of harmony meditation I have come to a better understanding what my styles are and that in learning, just as in any other area of life, there are Eum and Yang (yin and yang) approaches to it.

For example, someone who excels in sciences may be struggling with humanities or languages. When I was in school, languages were taught mostly by brute repetition, and for a person with a Yang style of learning this won’t work as well as for a person with an Eum style of learning. One learns better by hearing, the other – by visualization, and these two functions are related to Eum and Yang.

Knowing yourself and your style of learning will save lots of hardship and disappointment. In some cases we need to apply the Yang style – think sharply and solve the problems quickly. More challenging problems require the Eum approach – thinking deeply for a prolonged period of time, getting immersed in the problem and having patience to endure the pressure.

Practice of meditation helps tremendously with the latter, especially for someone with a developed Yang style of learning. The Eum style may not bring fruits right away, but they are much sweeter and tastier.

When we grow patience and love towards ourselves, when we develop the ability to endure and observe our own thoughts and emotions, good or bad, new insights and wisdom emerges.

Most of all, proper practice of meditation should bring about tremendous benefits not only in stress release and personal well-being, but in learning and adopting valuable attitudes of consistent effort, openness, continuous improvement.

The question is – what is it I want to improve the most in your life? To me, the answer is clear. “Who am I?” is the only lifelong endeavor worthy of researching, developing, and sharing the fruits of with others.

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