The Power of Breathing

Harmony Meditation

I have always breathed.  I’ve been breathing since I was born. It seems so simple, insignificant, and is usually completely out of mind.

I’ve breathed with other people doing all different kinds of “Mind / Body” trainings. It was still just breathing to me.

During  ZEN TaeGeukDo training it was introduced to me in a completely new way, with a completely new purpose, and utilizing a completely new method.

Now that I tasted what this can be and what this can do for me in my life I can never look at breath the same way.  It’s still simple but way more valuable to me.

Sometimes I’m tempted to tell people about it because I want them to have a way to open new doors for themselves too.  I have to stop myself because maybe how it’s delivered and who it’s delivered by matters a lot, as well as how they can receive it.  Would you give a billion dollars to someone who thought money was toilet paper?

But imagine you had an endless supply of toilet paper, then one day realized each individual sheet was a hundred dollar bill!  That’s how I feel about my experience with breathing through Harmony Meditation.

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