What is your dream?



In tonight’s meditation class grandmaster Johwa gave us a topic to meditate on: “What is your dream?” The answer came to me very quickly, which does not happen often. The answer was: “To die with a clear conscience.” I was surprised – how can this be a dream? Gradually I understood what was meant by it. I realized that clear conscience does not only mean the absence of bad deeds. That spending my life on trying to make my personal life better does not guarantee clear conscience. Not using my time here well means my conscience will bother me sooner or later. It will not be satisfied with the limits imposed on me by me. It will only be satisfied when I keep trying (and sometimes failing) to bring the best of me into this world, when I dream big!

I have also understood the connection between having a clear conscience at life’s sunset and having a clear mind before going to bed. It’s so obvious! And off I go to do cleaning of the mind, scrubbing of the brain, and clearing of the chest so that my heart can beat confidently and joyfully. Good night!

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  1. I could really relate to this. Let’s have big dreams that make us rise above big limitations so we can have big progress and have a good nights sleep 😛

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