Guided Meditation: Buddha’s Fun CD Excerpt

Guided meditation.  It’s a wonderful tool that’s commonly used but where is it guiding you to?  Are you using guided meditation to take a break or escape?  Buddha’s Fun CD is a unique guided meditation.  Unlike other guided meditations that take you through visuals to simply relax, this guided meditation guides you deeper into yourself for a not so obvious but surprisingly powerful transformation.  Enjoy!

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  1. This guided meditation track has helped me tremendously during challenging times. I would listen, allow it to sink in, and the loop of negative thoughts and emotions would loose its grip little by little. Such a transformative effect in a very short time!

  2. Listening to the CD before or on the way to work sets the stage for my day. I arrive without being in a hurry, looking forward to the learnings the day will bring, being mindful of my tasks and looking forward to make this day meaningful.

  3. – Thank you so much for sharing this!! It will be SOOOOO helpful visualizing in clients hom;(&#8230eseven if they don’t have an awesome white couch and reflective white floors. ) Thanks.

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