Savor ‘Who am I?’ – rider of the storm


Turbulence – coming and going. Thrown into the storm. Emotions

Turbulence – Life; feeling alive. Do I always appreciate feeling so alive and look forward to its lesson and accept it?

Waves. The ocean. Fighting it – hurting and drowning.

Accept the waves coming and going? People coming into my life and leaving? Luck and trouble intermingled. Luck is trouble.

A rider of the waves
accepting and feeling the waves, moving with their motion, up and down, unwavering. Enjoying the ups and downs, while knowing in the end there is always defeat.

Victorious defeat of me over myself.
Of SELF watching my self.
Elevating to the next wave that comes down at the same time, endlessly.
Eternally – love, being alive – genuine LIFE.

A rider of the waves – to become a master of the waves.

Savoring the power – becoming mine. Becoming me. Becoming ‘Who am I?’.



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