Well-being / -dying / -being-born

Once upon a time, there was 2 angels up there.
One day it was the left angel asked to the right one,
“I heard that you are preparing to go down there soon, right?”
“Yeah”, he said.
“What about your 401(k), is that a robust one?” asked again the left.
The right one got frowned and replied, “Yeah, but I heard that you’ve got to be very careful when preparing “well-being-born” on earth”
“What’s matter?”  
“You know, down there now is horrible, so even the kind-deed-money from your angel-pension will not be sufficient enough to protect you from becoming an evil again” 
“What’s wrong?” asked the left.
“There are wars all over” said heavily the right one.
The right and the left both prayed hands in hands.

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  1. Wow. Even angels with good Spiritual 401k aren’t secure here. We are worried about getting there and they are concerned about coming here. I never thought of that.

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