Navigating Troubled Waters – Buddha’s Fun

Listening to ‘Buddha’s Fun’.

Surrendering to the voice, surrendering to the message, surrendering to breathing. Opening. Being open.

Connecting. With my center, with myself.

Listening. Feeling – experiencing – breathing. Myself.

Feeling the pain inflicted by me.  In me, around me and back to myself.

white water

Seeing clearly, recognizing mySelf.

Taking responsibility.  Changing!


Experiencing and accepting the challenges, desires and overwhelming emotions that still obliterate my awareness for convenient excuses.

What precious chance for leaving my comfort zone. What precious opportunity for learning to be in synchrony with the flow of Life!  MySelf.

White water seems turbulent, yet it does submit to the flow, undeterred.

The next big wave is coming…..Ready?

Listening to ‘Buddha’s Fun’.

Listening, meditating, experiencing, breathing.  Getting ready!

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