Enlightened Meditation

ZENTD1-3Who we are defines what we are.

If we are who we think we are, we will be what we are like what we think we are.

If we are defined by what we are now, we will be limited by the circumstances and conditions that we are facing now.  Thus what we can be will be the limited version of what we are now.

Is that so?

Don’t be confused about Life, especially, about your life.  

When you are 100% awakened to your life, you will have a chance to know what Life is.  Life recommends us Not to judge it But to live it.

Go forward and upward as far as you can and one step further from there.

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  1. Running, walking, crawling, jumping, climbing, falling, singing, shouting. What ever one of these or all of them I will meet u guys at the top!

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