Lessons from Olaf


I watched the movie “Frozen” with my wife the other day.  One of the characters, Olaf the snowman, seemed to have a good message for me.

He wasn’t the main character but I feel that he was the most important one in the story.  From the moment he was created, to the times of danger, and until the very end he was simple and joyful regardless of what was happening.  Other characters were trying with great effort to go somewhere, or achieve something, or find their “true love” but Olaf was effortless while being very active within the drama.

He wasn’t closed out from the story, in fact he participated a great deal in it but it didn’t seem affect his happiness much either way.  He tried very hard to help the others and achieve things but his joy wasn’t dependent on them.

When the hero was hurrying down the mountain on a reindeer with great effort and a very determined face Olaf simply slid down with a smile and got there first.    When someone stuck a carrot too deep into his face in order to give him a nose he was delighted to have such a cute little nose.  When they pulled it out so it could show more he was even more delighted to have such a big nose.  He wore a perpetual smile throughout the movie.

Imagine what life could be like if we were more like Olaf.

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