Acting myself – more than an Oscar-worthy performance


Around the time of the Oscars I realized that I actually spend a considerable amount of time acting instead of living my life.  I constantly try to meet expectations and to be what, I think, is expected of me in my role as a senior manager aspiring to the executive level.

However, if I am not acting as my real self, I feel like a fake and like I am just being an actor in a role. I feel like I am pretending to be something or somebody, which has nothing to do with me. If I am not aware of who I really am, I am apart of myself and I am not really alive.  In turn, if I keep my awareness about my real self, I feel good about myself, I feel at home and at peace with being me. This is when I am thoughtful and make the better decisions.

After reading chapter 7 of ‘Harmony Meditation’ by JoHwa Choi, however, I realized that there is another perspective though that I had not considered yet. By keeping the awareness about myself, I can fill this role or any role without acting it! Any role becomes just another facet of myself and one of many ‘mes’ that comprises the real me. If I act my true nature having true love in my heart I can be all these without being a fake.

My teacher pointed out that I tend to aiming too low. I can see now how I am limiting myself and others through this behavior. To aim higher, I no longer need to act, I can be the real me in any role – so it is no longer a role.

These many ‘mes’ then become reflections of my real self, and I keep switching  between them during my life’s journey as I adapt to change, letting me come closer to my goal and becoming my Self.


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  1. Trying to meet what is expected of me – I do it, either habitually or cowardly, usually even unaware that I just play a role and betray the other me. How do you detect it and where is the power to break?! – reutorical question. Thank you for the post

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