Think BIGGER – Do it NOW!



For the New Year many of us have set goals for making improvements in our lives and doing things better – to better ourselves.

Now that the New Year has arrived reality sets in and our efforts to reinvent ourselves are being put to the test. Soon it becomes challenging to pursue our New Year’s resolution and lack of progress towards becoming a better self as planned is frustrating; we may eventually stop and give up. In a similar manner, we try to put our best self forward while seeking new opportunities, such as in an interview for a new position.

Whether it is following-up on a New Year’s resolution or seizing a new possibility during the year, these are typically modeled after a prior successful performance or a pre-conceived idea of what our best may be. This, however, is limiting you from realizing your true best self and who you can really be. Instead, if you consider prior success or a New Year’s resolution goal only as the next step towards becoming your best self, you can progress beyond this restricted view of who you are and who you can be. Then you can morph your perceived best self into an increasingly Bigger Self, who has the capacity to keep growing and become better and better. True growth is never linear; there are always ups and downs, forward and back motions as life progresses. Just keep going on your way to becoming your best self despite missteps; you may have to periodically re-adjust the direction. The next even Bigger Self, which you can currently not imagine, will reveal itself.

Making progress towards reaching your goals does not need a New Year to come for taking action. Making this decision is Mental Self-Defense and it lets you overcome your limited idea of who you can truly be. To become your ever growing BIGGER Self – think BIGGER and do it NOW!

Harmony Meditation / G.Master Johwa Choi

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