Limited Limitlessness

Has the entertainment industry exhausted its ideas on limits of human potential? The last two movies I watched portrayed the limitless human potential as the power to kill, control, dominate. In “Limitless” the main character’s highest aspiration after attaining improved abilities was to run for a position of power to gain more power. In Luc Besson’s “Lucy” the main character played by Scarlet Johansson killed numerous people (including innocent victims) in order to survive and gain 100% of her abilities. With her powers to control others, she could have just as easily make her enemies feel human again and surrender their evil ways instead of causing a massacre. This would not have made a good movie, though.

We are so used to thinking that improved abilities mean more control and dominance, more physical and mental power over others. How about the power of love? Is it not the  best kind of power transcending time and space?

What abilities would you like to have if you were limitless?

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  1. Love me tender,
    Love me sweet,
    Never let me go.
    You have made my life complete,
    And I love you so.


    Love me tender,
    Love me long,
    Take me to your heart.
    For it’s there that I belong,
    And we’ll never part.

    …. by Bigger One.

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