The Winding Roads of Thoughts

They come into our minds and leave at their will

They form a complex and winding story

A story of unpaved and sometimes twisted roads, of hills and valleys and of steady paths

It is not always clear where they will lead, these visitors of the mind

Let them in and then let them out with ease, they are only visitors passing through

Some are unwelcome guests that stagnate, send these quickly on their way

Others will come in to inspire progress, sit with these a moment and then let them go

Some bring memories of yesterday, while others are looking to drive tomorrow

Treat these with care and make sure their visit is brief

Don’t allow them to rob you of this moment

Remember that this moment is all that we really have and all that we are guaranteed

Thank those passing visitors for stopping in, then gracefully and swiftly walk them out

Remember, the thoughts you give life to will create your reality

Pace yourself, choose them carefully and keep them positive

1 Comments on “The Winding Roads of Thoughts”

  1. I hear you and I feel you from a distance.
    However, I want to hear you and want to see you closer again.
    Am I IN love? or Are you IN love?
    What if I were you and/or actually I am you?

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