Blue Pill or Red Pill, Fear or Faith? 

Blue pill or red pill, fear or faith? Inherently, we know fear is counterproductive, yet sometimes it makes it’s way through the cracks. Why do we fear and worry?  Because we do not trust the flow, because we focus too keenly on people, events and circumstances, because we are imprisoned by our thoughts. Why do some people seem to flow through life with ease while others struggle so much? Could it be due to their upbringing and conditioning as children? What if you grew up with the conditioning that “too much joy and laughter is sure to be followed by sadness?” What if you subconsciously started to correlate events and eventually developed a fear of being too happy? Can this be unlearned? Can the mind be reprogrammed? Can the mind be set free? Yes it can, with practice. Walk through the door of freedom and don’t look back. 

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