Dear Zombies

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Zombies,

I don’t know if I should thank both of you for staying with me for a long time.

In my earlier life, it had been like

“I gave you my money and you enjoyed whatever so,
I gave you my money again and you did the same stuff to come back”

What are you?  I thought your name was Hunger Zombies or Desire Zombies like that.
I didn’t know that you have your king and queen ZOMBIEs though.  Years ago, I realized that both of you are not bad at all, even very good sometimes, compare to your king family.  I accept that I gave you too harsh judgement at that time.  My apologies.  I don’t think it’s appropriate if I reveal their real name here.  I think they like to be unknown.

BTW, I sent a good goodbye to your king.

I’ve got to eat something.  See ya!

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