Life, Death, Retirement…After Life? Part II


When wondering about what’s important in life a lot of things come to mind and make me wonder about it all.  I guess it’s usually bothering me how I am handling my values and priorities.

One thing that I think about that puts things into perspective is the value of relationships in this life and how it carries over after this life.  I was brought up catholic but I believed in reincarnation for certain reasons.  A lot of people wonder about who they were in their past lives but I think it’s more interesting how we continue to live this one without any recollection of previous ones and what that means about this one.

If I lived many lives before I was probably a father, brother, mother, sister etc.  I’m sure I had many family members who I loved just as I do now.  But right now I can’t remember any of them.  Previous children I may have had probably were the most important thing to me in one of my lives, but what do they matter to me now?  I can’t even remember them.

This makes me wonder about the importance of everything in this life.  If I am born  again I won’t remember my wife, mother, father, sisters, friends and so on.  So what does it all mean?  What’s the point?  This certainly changes the perspective of things.

We wonder about previous lives or obsess over this one but we don’t really seem to think about the being that is going through these lives.  I guess we are so identified with this body and personality and can’t even imagine anything else.

Thinking about these kinds of things makes me want to try harder to not dwell on the little details of the relationships that I have and work towards the bigger picture. To grow and help each other as much as possible with this little time that we have together.


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