“Down Dog”

My wife makes me laugh from time to time by talking about the Buddha nature of dogs, usually just after Cassie has assaulted one of us with love, demonstrating anything but lack of attachment.

There are also times when expectations are confounded by experience.  Now that it is warm enough, for example, I have begun practicing yoga on the patio.  I assumed I was  alone on Sunday, till my wife joined me there for a cup of coffee.  Before I sat down with her, I turned around and there was Cassie, smack in the middle of the yoga mat, doing her best to imitate what I had just been doing.

photo 2 (640x480)

I laughed.  And watched.  And I began taking photos.  Cassie did not move.  Not one inch.  She was as “in the moment” as I’ve ever been, lost in the warmth of the sun and the discipline of holding her pose.  She stayed there a looooooong time, ignoring me, no matter how bothersome I became. (Note that her pose below is identical to the first one, in  spite of the photographer moving around her!)

photo 1 (640x480)
The next time I am tempted to brush a fly from my forehead or wipe sweat from my eyes, I hope something in me will be smart enough to remember my “down dog” and her perfect Sunday practice.

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