Song for the Soul

If my efforts for my growth had a theme song it would be “Because We Believe” by Andrea Bocelli.  I listen to this song when I’m in doubt, when I’m doing well, and for no reason at all.  To me this is my personal love song between me and my soul.  When ever I listen to this song I feel my soul getting brighter and energized.

Usually I am trying to identify with my soul on a daily basis, but what can I say I’m not there yet.  On the days when that is more obvious than usual I play this song for my soul and feel like we are buddies helping each other out.  A few months ago I was listening to our song and felt so bright I could barely contain the joy from my chest.  I said to my soul, “We are going to make it!”.  Then as if a ball of light came from my chest shooting to my head with the message, “Definitely, we will!”.  I never had communication with my soul like that before and I was walking on clouds the rest of the day.

This song not only inspires me on a personal level but also gives me the sense that we are all in this together.  The whole of humanity.  It is my feeling when the chorus of the song comes that we are all here to shine together as brightly as we can, and is actually all of our soul’s mission to do so with great love and joy.  This song makes me feel like a little sun walking around and I hope it makes your sun shine too.


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