‘Caryopteris’ as our newest contributor

Caryopteris sent BrainHaveFun the email to post.  We welcome him and will enjoy his post.

Spring for me is the return of daily walks and chance encounters with other walkers, runners, drivers, and spectators.  I used to ignore them all — or try to — till Master Choi encouraged me this year to reach out and engage people I normally would not.

I don’t understand how, but I am being stopped more for directions.  Inexplicably, some drivers are pausing and waving before turning into shopping malls so that I can walk ahead of them.  Today at a gas station I had a lovely talk with the owner of a 1962 Cadillac that had more of its original parts than either of us.

As far as I can tell, there is nothing different about me except for a new willingness to engage people I do not know.  Apparently, willingness is enough!

I wish that were all I have to report.  Unfortunately, pumped full of adrenalin after a Suburban Ussault Vehicle has taken aim at me (it happens once a week in my neighborhood where sidewalks are rare as Mondrian sculptures), I deeply wish Harmony Meditation taught a “Leap Off Road into Rosebush” form in its Tai Chi classes.  I do not yet easily recover my composure (or staunch the bleeding!) when distracted drivers interrupt my moving meditations!

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  1. Amazing how some willingness can make immediate changes in your life. I like how your change was inside but made an outside effect for you. I’m glad your new willingness brought you to the blog so I can interact with you as well. Look forward to reading your next post!

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