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This weekend I was fortunate enough to attend the ZEN (Zero Enhanced Nothingness) Method for Executive Leaders training with my wife.  When I first heard the term ZEN (Zero Enhanced Nothingness) it struck me as very cutting edge and I was intrigued to experience more about it.  Needless to say the training exceeded my expectations.

It’s always difficult for me to put into words and accurately describe almost any of the benefits I receive from trainings and consultations with Master Johwa.  Mainly because they are experienced at such a deep level of myself and it would seem that within that space words are all but meaningless.  But of course I will try anyway lol…

As always there is interesting education.  Interesting meaning looking at common aspects of yourself, such as thoughts and emotions, and then experiencing a totally different perspective about them, what they actually are, and how to continuously expand on that in your daily life.  I said experience a different perspective not just seeing a different perspective because it really is much more than that.  Thats one of the main things that makes Master Johwa’s trainings so unique.  Your not just getting knew information on a topic and then doing some basic exercises to change your ideas or perspective about something.  You literally experience a major shift within yourself and have totally different perspective, not because your ideas changed but because you have changed and at such a fundamental level that it is undeniable.

Profoundly deep, meaningful, transformative, shocking, scary, exciting, and at the same time deeply relaxing.  Lol I fell asleep for a few minutes when we were laying down and it was the best sleep I’ve had in months… seriously.

In the end it seems like everything is different.  I have no idea why or how it happened, but it happened.  We never get a syllabus or outline.  Nothing ever seems to make sense or have any logic but somehow someway we take an exact journey together, not by careful calculations to get to a destination, more like an arrival by caring attention and focus.

I’ll go home and everyone will still see me the same and we will interact more or less the same way. But they have no idea how I am seeing them, myself, or am experiencing my life differently now.  I don’t think they can believe it.  They see Matt coming, I see Matt going.

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