Holiday Season-Reset your GPS

What am I going to get this holiday season? I really have been good. Maybe a new car or wide screen television will make me happy. But again, what “thing” can actually bring me true happiness?

Like most emotions, real happiness comes from within, right? Although material things, experiences or other people can trigger the generalized emotion (of happiness), doesn’t the “real thing” come from a conscious decision on our part to be happy? Okay, then, this is going to be easy-I’ll just choose to be happy.

Yeah, your right, choosing to be happy and becoming truly happy isn’t all that easy.  But it is a start. Like anything of value, happiness -once chosen-is something that requires action. So, after we decide to be happy there is a decision to be made as to what plan of action to take, in order to reach that destination. Although you should focus on yourself, be sure to pay attention to the other people around you as it is hard to enjoy a feast if your neighbors are starving.

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