Everything Looks the Same, Just Beautiful


“A human’s choice is the most penetrating and inevitable at the same time, so human has the most desirable consciousness on this planet.” (HwanDo)  After doing Zen TaeGuekDo Workshop and picking our Vision I had the impression that this is a very powerful choice that literally exists within me.

This choice that I somehow feel is in my heart like a small spark of light.  Things get dark, thoughts get dark, emotions get heavy, desires over come me, actions go the wrong way and still there is that small light of choice in me.  I can somehow sense it.  As if no matter how wrong things go they it will be OK because of this little light.  It’s like I am in a hole with this light and can sense the sinking, then sense the bottom, then sense a coming out of it because of this light.  I feel like I have no control over this journey of sinking, it’s happening to me but nothing is happening to this light.

People argue with me, emotions come up and when I follow that things get darker and smaller like I am being squeezed.  If I react there is pain for me and others.  If I feel my breath and try to love anyway, things are immediately different.  If I bow my head and apologize for my attitude, immediately I sense it’s getting better.

I look ahead at the typical surroundings and my eyes don’t see anything differently at all yet somehow I sense that I am starring into vast beautiful light.  Everything looks the same but it’s beautiful.  My wife chuckles at me for having a silly grin on my face, lol.  How can I explain this?  I try and it goes wrong.  Describe it and it goes wrong.  What is it even? I have no idea!

I really feel like I don’t know anything at all and I feel great at the same time.  I read the books, “Harmony Meditation: A New Way to Completion”,  “HwanDo” and I don’t understand anything.  When I try, my head hurts.  When I do it, it works.  What is this new way?  What is Hwando?  If someone asked me I couldn’t really tell them, I know it would go the wrong way.  In my own words I would say, they are a Generator for your Light.


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