An Intangible Value

4 Reasons Why Auras, Energy Fields And Mind Matter Interaction Is Not Hippy Prattle

Photo From Barbara Ann Brennan book Light Emerging
We have all given and received many compliments and apologies in our lives.  Why is it that sometimes it is easier to accept those compliments and apologies and other times it feels like we just can’t move on?

It seems like humanity in general has become overly technical even in our basic self management and communication that it leaves and underlying sense of dissatisfaction between each other.  “I said I’m sorry what more do you want?”.  Well,  I want to feel your honesty and the harmonization between us so that we can keep ourselves open and moving forward together well.  “It’s a compliment, what else do you want?”.  I want to connect with you honestly and not use semantics, linguistics, or flattery to be handled by you so that we can continue business as usual for comforts sake.

When someone is sincerely apologetic there is no need to even say the words “I’m sorry”.  You can feel it when you walk in the room and your resentment towards them is immediately replaced with sympathy and a natural willingness to forgive them.

It’s no wonder that celebrities who have their entourage and fans who pamper them day and night still have problems with drugs, alcohol, eating disorders, sleeping disorders, suicidal tendencies, domestic violence and so on.  The mechanics and emptiness of language never satisfies or fulfills us.  The intangible value that one gives from one’s heart can’t be faked or forged.  It’s like we all have a detector inside of us for such things and even though we almost never realize it, there is always something lacking when someone try’s to pass off counterfeit love or when we do it to others as well.

I see people at work cleaning something.  Then the owner cleans it and it is totally different.  Doing anything just enough to say you did it not only puts off the obvious emptiness that went into the task but creates more of it inside of ourselves.  Put a little heart into any task and the work alone was more rewarding than the result.  It’s no coincidence that the people who have this basic attitude are usually higher up in the company and higher up in spirit.



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  1. Nicely put. I started thinking about my higher-ups, and they do have a genuine interest in what they do, it can’t be faked, no matter how eloquent a person is. Funny thing, through meditation I started to care about what I do at work much more and became a better scientist.

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