I listen to radio when I commute. It is a public station that has to raise funds. Sometimes they will offer a disc as a thank you to contributors. What does this music means to you? How does it affect you? they ask. The campaign would be somewhat annoying if not for the very fine music and the listeners sharing.

Not so long ago it was Bach’s CD and I had an “A-ha moment” when a listener on the phone said that Bach centers her. Just one sentence – so simple and so precise. It brought me years back – into my student life – I had a record with Mahler’s Bach Suite. I played it over and over – and didn’t bother to ask myself why I liked it so much. I realize now, it centered me (just like the Lady said) – it brought the best of me to me.

Nowadays I am learning how to center myself on a different level. It’s a process. And it works – most of the time. Like this morning – I turned on my computer, slightly panicked with the amount of tasks (most are urgent, of course), my shoulders started to rise – tension rushed to my neck, blood to my head – I recognized the feeling and paused – breathed – and looked inside me – yes, looked – somewhere in my chest – and it happened – I managed the stress – my pose, facial features changed – I could tell by the reaction of by passers (we have an “open concept” at work – no cubicles). Amazing! It feels good that the stress is gone – and also that I can do it.

P.S. I still love Bach. After so many years I’m not bored with his music – after all, it brought the best of me to me.
I’m learning now how to recognize and love the best of me in me on my own, which centers me.

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