New Neighbors Puts Things Into Perspective


Nasa recently announced the discovery of 1700 exoplanets.  Exoplanets are planets that exist outside of our solar system and orbit their own distant suns.  There were thousands more found but these 1700 have been officially confirmed to exist.  Pluto was demoted to a “dwarf planet” not so long ago leaving us with only 8 planets in our solar system but we don’t need to feel so bad because we have a lot of new friends, lol.  Scientists also believe  that there may be billions of worlds just in our neck of the universe.

In the hectic hustle and bustle of daily life our own problems, worries, achievements, and aspirations seem like the most important things in the world.  Some times I feel like we are all walking around in our own little bubble that is our important life bouncing off one another struggling to just get by and make some meaning of it all.  Now that we know there are so many more worlds out there, possibly an infinite amount, how small my worries feel.  I remember one day I was stressed and Master Johwa told me to go outside and look at the sky.  It seemed like a waste of time to me but when I did it and saw how big the sky was my heart felt lighter immediately.

Letting go of the importance of this small bubble leaves room for bigger and better things.  The second I remember this during a stressful day all of the faces around me change.  The people that were viewed as obstacles look more like partners with me.  Opening my heart to myself and others makes daily worries of no importance and gives me a sense meaning with every interaction.  When my bubble bursts the loneliness  goes away and I feel grateful to everyone who is around me.  I love when gratitude comes in, it makes even painful times feel like a blessing.

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