I am falling rain

as much as a body, as much as a mind, as much as a soul…
I am falling rain.
off the roof, down the steet, into the earth…
refreshing the air, feeding the flowers, washing away yesterday-today.
into the oceans, up to the clouds,
here and there, and back again.
i am falling rain.

What Your Hands Deserve



Take a good look at your hands.  After all, where would you be without them?  What would you wish for in place of them?  They are there and yours to do with what you wish.  Could you imagine a better tool at your disposal?

Now that you remember how precious they are, let us continue to revive our appreciation for them.  Wiggle each finger independently of one another for a minute.  Notice the bones and joints and how they all function together.  Then, open your palms wide and stretch your fingers out and apart for a short time.  Afterward, let your hands rest and relax.  Say, “Thank you!” to them and give them a long deserved break.

Now that your hands rest, what will you do and for how long will you allow yourself to do that?


In The Beginning

One brain is not alone so it should have plural form and status of fun.  Brains are within one brain which is actually within one head and so do our brains in this universe.

3 togetherWe are having fun while we are finding fun in the mean time we are together and it can last longer when we talk about the fun we shared.

I wish we all have a right brain that is helpful to every living-forms in the universe.  We all have right-side brains so half of my wish already has come true.  Right brain have fun.

Congratulations to BrainHaveFun!

Johwa Choi